Timur Yusufov Picture (edited x2)

Timur Yusufov is an entrepreneur and real estate investor currently living and working in Pikesville, Maryland. Through Unique Homes, LLC, Timur invests in and restores distressed properties in and around Baltimore. Timur’s efforts not only create modern, unique homes for people to live in, but also elevate the overall status of the neighborhood within which these homes are located.

Outside of real estate, Timur is a passionate believer and investor in Rugenix, an oral Creatine supplement company. Rugenix was created by Dr. Moris Silber, MD, Ph.D., the lead scientist/ biomedical and nutrition advisor for the All-Russian Federation and Olympic Teams. Rugenix is renowned for it’s high oral absorbability and its ability to transport Creatine directly to the muscles for immediate post-workout muscle-building.